In 2015, there was a story of a young mother who was battling a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and finally surgery, cancer had spread to her other organs. She had no other options left until she learned about a special treatment that was only available in the United States. Unfortunately, the Canadian healthcare system would not cover the $250,000 price tag, so her family started a GoFundMe campaign. Tragically, the campaign fell short of its fundraising goal, and the young mother lost her battle.

This story inspired Wynne Ma and Patrick Louie to co-found LivingWell Healthcare Funding Solutions, and raise awareness of specialized planning strategies that everyday Canadians could use to access the healthcare treatments they need, without going bankrupt or relying on donations.

LivingWell Healthcare Funding Solutions has offered educational workshops to businesses and their clients, and to non-profit organizations, on topics ranging from challenges with navigating the public healthcare system, to exploring private or extended healthcare options, and to planning strategies for accessing funding or savings for private-pay and out-of-pocket healthcare, senior care, and wellness expenses.

LivingWell Healthcare Funding Solutions has made it their mission to educate and empower Canadians with funding strategies, so they don’t fall through the cracks of an overburdened healthcare system. With funding, a patient can have more options – optimize their health and wellness, bypass wait times, cover their treatment and living expenses during a medical emergency, and more! Ultimately, they envision a nation where Canadians can receive the treatments they truly need, not just the ones they can afford, and where patients can be free to explore different options without financial barriers.

Today, LivingWell Healthcare Funding Solutions provides consultation services for every stage of life, from early childhood to the senior years, working with employees, self-employed and small business owners, retirees, and seniors to make healthcare more affordable. As the company evolves, they are always looking to bring more value to patients with new programs and services, especially those that promote natural and holistic healthcare. One of their new initiatives is working with various stakeholders to help patients afford their medical cannabis expenses!