Pregnancy is a magical time for most women, but it can also bring about significant changes to the body. One common question is whether osteopathy is safe during pregnancy, as this gentle approach can help address various pregnancy-related discomforts. In this article, we’ll explore how osteopathy can provide relief while maintaining the safety of both mother and baby.

Understanding Osteopathy in Pregnancy

The women’s body faces huge changes during the pregnancy. That is not a secret! The enlargement of the womb imposes some variations in the posture and the body mechanics, especially in the lower back and pelvis. Some other areas can also be affected while the battle for room between your baby and your bowels, stomach, liver, and bladder increases. To name a few, ribs, legs, and groin can present a vast array of symptoms.


Common Pregnancy Related Discomforts

Rib pain is more common than you can imagine in the last trimesters of the pregnancy. Increased abdominal pressure and changes in spinal curvature during pregnancy can make breathing challenging, particularly while walking or climbing stairs.

The pubic region (groin) can also present severe pain during walks, leading to loss of mobility/activity and, following that, weight gain. This symptom can also trigger changes in the pelvic mechanics and interferes negatively with the natural birth, making it more painful than it normally is.

Oedema (swelling) in the lower limbs, notably in the feet and ankles could be a sign of venous insufficiency. Scientific research had demonstrated that an Osteopathic treatment can be effective to ease the stress over the veins, restoring its function.

joyful pregnancyAnother popular complaint among pregnant women is the lower back pain. Sometimes it is just a postural disorder. In other cases, it can be related to the increasing levels of a hormone called Relaxin. Within other functions, this hormone can literally relax the ligaments that stabilize the joints of your pelvis. It is just Mother Nature preparing the mom’s body to give birth to her child! However, this lack of stability can be the cause of a lot of stress to the joints, muscles and many other structures nearby.

Is Osteopathy Safe During Pregnancy?

Osteopathy is a gentle approach that can identify and treat many pregnancy-related conditions, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for expectant mothers.

In conclusion, osteopathy is safe during pregnancy when performed by a trained professional. This gentle approach may provide relief from discomfort and support a healthier more enjoyable journey for expectant mothers.

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