Male pelvic pain is literally, ahem, a pain in a** and not often discussed or acknowledged for its impact. Men often suffer in silence and shame with pelvic pain and erectile dysfunction, and don’t know where to turn for help with these delicate topics when conventional methods have not provided relief.

Treatment protocols have come a long way since the use of leeches inserted into the rectum, electric shock therapy to the prostate and even castration!! OMG – so barbaric!! Thankfully there’s been significant strides forward in treatment of male pelvic pain, but there’s still many men who don’t find help in traditional arenas.

Here are some symptoms of pelvic congestion and/or prostate issues:

  • Urinary concerns (incontinence, frequency/urgency, frequent urinary tract infections, difficulty starting, stream that starts, stops or is weak, dribbling, straining, inability to completely empty bladder);
  • Pelvic pain/pressure;
  • Pain in low back, inner thighs, lower abdomen, perineum (pelvic floor), base, tip and shaft of penis, between the pubic bone and belly button;
  • Change in bowel habits;
  • Increased sexual desire and feeling need for release through intercourse or masturbation;Man experiencing abdominal pain
  • Decreased sexual drive;
  • Erectile dysfunction (depending on the cause);
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm;
  • Painful ejaculation;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Tired legs;
  • Numb legs and feet.

***Please note that these symptoms may indicate more serious underlying health concerns and should be assessed by your physician.


Beyond the traditional biomedical paradigm is a treatment called the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (A.T.M.A.T.®) which is a comprehensive whole body massage with a thorough abdominal massage. It helps the body to achieve homeostasis (balance within) by establishing an optimal flow within these five vital currents of life: arterial, venous, lymphatic flow, nervous system innervation and energy flow.

Results of a balanced pelvis and prostate are:

  • Improved digestion;
  • Decreased muscle tension and scar tissue;
  • Decreased urinary concerns (incontinence, frequency, frequent urinary infections, etc.);
  • Less pressure on varicose veins;
  • Fertility enhancement;
  • Ahem, ‘solid wood’ (ability to achieve and maintain erections);
  • Improved self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship harmony due to the wood mentioned above;
  • Quicker recovery from prostate surgery symptoms including inflammation, pain, erectile dysfunction (results depend on whether nerves were severed and the severity of the surgery);
  • Reduced or no impact from past trauma (abuse, accidents, medical procedures).


Here’s a link to “What to expect during an A.T.M.A.T.® session?

Men love to get in the driver’s seat and take actions that solve a problem; it’s what they do naturally!!! Whenever I share a challenge with a man, he immediately starts offering solutions! So, men – here’s your solution and the call to action is self-care massage. That’s right! As you become proactive in your healing process your symptoms will decrease.

Men report higher levels of symptoms management when they make the self-care massage part of their daily routine. A 75-year-old patient claimed that he had a 20% decrease in trips to the bathroom during the night after receiving one A.T.M.A.T.® session, but once he committed to doing the self-care massage daily it improved by 60%. That was impressive!

The nerves that supply the prostate come from the sacral plexus nerves at L5 – S5 in the low back and pelvis. You can imagine that prostate health and sexual function can be impacted by if scar tissue develops after a fall or trauma to the low back or hips. Techniques used on the low back and hips during an A.T.M.A.T.® session relieve scar tissue, while the abdominal massage decreases congestion and restores circulation. The highly sensitive prostate responds to the toxicity caused by congestion and hormonal changes.

Happy men with no pelvic pain or erectile dysfunction

An Empower Health integrative team approach may include referrals to our Naturopath, Acupuncturist or Counsellors/Trauma counsellors to shift your healing into overdrive. Let us help you to get into the fast lane and across that finish line with our holistic guidance!