Is there anything more valuable and important than health, wellbeing and happiness?

Our team at Empower Health is here to support moms and the ones who love them with an amazing range of offerings that will catalyze the journey to full and vital health!  

You are a gift! Visit our counselling team at Empower Health to learn how to embody and express the beauty and grace that comes from within!

Loving yourself, accepting yourself, living vulnerably and courageously with a soft open heart is the best gift you can give the people you love most in this world, and it all starts with you and your nervous system. Tending to your nervous system and creating more regulation to create more capacity to deal and handle all that you do as a woman, as a mom, and as a wife, greatly affects those around you. Your calm becomes their calm  – great present for Mother’s Day.

gift-mother's-dayBreak through the breakouts! Meet our ND Team to learn how you can navigate hormones through evidence-based approaches to lab testing and treatment.

Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, breakouts, dry skin and all at the same time? Hm, probably a good idea to look into hormones. Hormones are a big mystery for most women, and new, interesting (sometimes stressful) symptoms can emerge during different eras of life. What a girl goes through as she emerges into puberty is very different from preparing for pregnancy and birth, then again from menopause. Herbal medicine and select supplements tailored to your cycle and time in life, as well as dietary and lifestyle approaches, all help you get natural and permanent symptom relief and live in balance with your body.

“…and you thought beauty was the outward show but now you know the truth my love, it’s always been the INNER FIRE…”

Our natural beauty therapies provide holistic, natural, gentle methods to rejuvenate skin and allow the inner light to radiate out! Learn more about the role of Cosmetic Acupuncture in improving blood and energy circulation, increasing natural collagen production to reduce the appearance fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the moisture, elasticity and tone of the skin and muscle. Mother’s Day gift dream!

Give the gift of transformation in pelvic, sexual and breast health!

In this most intimate area of health and wellness our practitioners create individualized protocols that supports a woman’s journey to full vitality. Providing a safe, strong container allowing women to share (maybe for the first time in their life) about their health issues in this area, you can get support with everything from misaligned organs, tight restrictive musculature, releasing trauma, untangling shame, reconnecting to the body, reclaiming sensation and body awareness to learning skills that integrate the new levels of vitality and pleasure into day to day life.

mother's-careThe gift of sharing for a new mom!

We know that it can rock woman’s world when the sense of joy, connection and completion she expects to feel as a new mom is experienced instead as a sense of overwhelm and alienation from this little person who is dependent on us for care and love. In addition, moms can often experience a deep sense of shame for feeling this way and end up isolating themselves in the process. Our support group helps new moms see they are not alone in their struggles and gives them tools and understanding for creating a joyous and nurturing relationship with themselves and their little ones.

And we can’t forget about the gift of pure relaxation on the Mother’s Day!

Everyone loves a good massage. And with warmer weather comes gardening, outdoor running, and high heels. All of which can take a toll on your feet. Massage can be a perfect solution to sooth your aching dogs! Let us be a part of your Mother’s Day relaxation plans.

Which of these gifts are you inspired to give? Give us a call and we’ll make it happen!