Our world is toxic, we need to help our body detox.

Detox is a relatively new concept. Starting with the industrial revolution our environment is becoming more and more polluted.  In the last 50 years it has become exponentially more toxic.  We put products on our skin, in our hair, we breath the air pollution from industry.  Our food and water are full of chemicals.  These include pesticides/herbicides containing heavy metals.  As well food is depleted of nutrients due to current farming practices. Our own bodies are even a source of excess toxins. We have increased metabolic waste caused by chronic stress, overeating and inefficient toxin elimination.

The liver is the major organ that transforms toxins and waste into substances. These are then eliminated from the body.  Elimination through your bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin clear these.  Detoxifying is the process of removing a toxin from the body. The process starts in the liver and doesn’t end until the toxin is outside of the body.  This happens every second of every day until you die.  

So why all the buzz about doing a detox or cleanse?

Because we are toxic! You need to have healthy detoxification to thrive. Some ways that toxins remain in the body are as follows.  Constipation prevents toxins from leaving and allows reabsorption of the waste. Inactivity and shallow breathing prevents toxins from leaving through the lungs and skin.  Liver dysfunction slows down detoxification.  High fat, high sugar diets low in nutrients is toxic. You need enough protein, vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids to carry out detoxification.

Naturopathic Doctors are able to determine how well you are detoxifying and guide you on a healthy detoxification program.

Two ways we can help our livers do their job are:

  1. Providing our bodies with protein, detoxifying nutrients and botanicals.

  2. Decreasing the burden of toxins we’re exposed to.

This is doing a detox, or cleanse. There are many ways to do it, and some can cause harm. Harm happens when you have more toxic products than you can excrete.   Many people choose to have guidance of a health care provider, like a Naturopathic Doctor, when taking on a detox. This way you are getting the right nutrients and botanicals.

In summary we are all full of toxins and waste products which are bad for our health.  

A detox program guided by a Naturopathic Doctor does two things:

(1) decrease your exposure to toxins and,

(2) help your body clean out stored toxins.