What is Prenatal Massage Therapy?

Prenatal Massage, also called the Pregnancy Plan, is designed to help women through some of the issues related to pregnancy. It consists mainly of relaxation massage, but has a gentle therapeutic element to the fetus as well. It can begin at any point during a pregnancy, but after the fourth month is recommended for abdominal massage.  During the first four months it will be other areas of the body, like the neck and shoulders which will be massaged.

What are the potential benefits of prenatal massage?

  • Reduction of your back and joint pain.
  • Improved circulation, for you and baby.
  • Reduced edema.
  • Reduction of your muscle tension and headaches.
  • Less stress and anxiety.
  • Improved sleep.

What does Prenatal Massage do?

In general, it helps to keep down muscle tension and maintain circulation. It is beneficial to both mother and unborn child. When women are concerned about the lack of fetal movement late in pregnancy, prenatal massage can increase it. The fetus will responded to the touch by stirring and moving. On the opposite side, babies who are very active calm down after treatment is given to their mothers.

Are there any risks or dangers in prenatal massage?

There are some situations in which care must be taken. Abdominal massage cannot begin until at least the forth month of pregnancy. Any sooner than that bears the risk of triggering a miscarriage. Care is also taken when treating a pregnant woman’s legs, because blood clots can sometimes develop in the deep veins.  The RMTs at Empower Health Clinic on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver do all the screening necessary to avoid these risks.

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