About Tricia Lovegrove

Tricia Lovegrove, is known as the “therapist with Seeing Hands,” as she sees with her hands muscular issues causing you pain. Her amazing gift to feel and massage has been in perfected since starting in 1998, and she has special certification in Prenatal Massage.

Massage Therapy FAQs Part 1: The Amazing Benefits!

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From simple relaxation to critical injury rehabilitation and everything in between, Massage Therapy is a powerful, proven method for helping people return to or maintain a healthy active life! Hi! I'm Tricia Lovegrove, a member of the Hands on Therapy team at Empower Health and I've been practicing Massage Therapy since 1998, treating over 5000 ...

Massage Therapy FAQS Part 2

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Tricia Lovegrove, RMT, has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1998.  She has treated over 5000 patients and a wide variety of conditions.  She works at Empower Health Clinic, on Commercial Drive, East Vancouver, BC.  Below is the second part of a two part blog series that answers some of the most common questions about massage ...

Prenatal Massage Therapy

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What is Prenatal Massage Therapy? Prenatal Massage, also called the Pregnancy Plan, is designed to help women through some of the issues related to pregnancy. It consists mainly of relaxation massage, but has a gentle therapeutic element to the fetus as well. It can begin at any point during a pregnancy, but after the fourth ...