HarpPixie: Music To Illuminate (Special Performance)

HarpPixie = Enchanting & Uplifting Harp, Vocals, Spoken Word.

In the fall of 2015 Empower Health invited Dawna McLellan, the founder and creatrix of HarpPixie.  The audience was held captive as her voice carried us through the sweet, feminine sound of the harp, punctuated with captivating spoken-word poetry.

As Dawna puts it so beautifully:

“To entertain is one thing. To enrich is another. Singer-Songwriter-Harper-Spoken-Word-Poet HarpPixie blurs the line between performance and transformational offering. HarpPixie’s songs ring with clarity. Her stories say ‘yes’ to vitality. Her poetry bowls the thinking mind right over, and feeds the soul image-after-rapidfire-image. As a workshop leader and as a performer, HarpPixie aims to light you up.”

HarpPixie – A Special Musical Performance 

With Dawna McLellan 

Silence Becomes Song
How much heaviness can a single note lift?
What is the weight of a single chord,
A single sound?
Become hollow like a bird’s wing,
A bird’s wing,
Echo with music that begins
Where thinking ends.
Music wraps ribbons of Hallelujah
Around the darkest havens of the heart.

Next Special Performance @ Empower Health on:

Monday, August 15th, 7pm


$20 General Admission, admit one.  


$30 Double Admission, one ticket admits two people

(pre-sales only, online. Save 25%! Sale ends midnight Sunday Aug 14th 2016)

EventBrite Ticket Purchase Here

Facebook Event & More Info Here

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