Zumba Fitness Classes on Commercial Drive, East Vancouver!

Dancing is the most fun way to move your body. Even those who claim that they cannot dance find themselves tapping their toes or bouncing their heads to the beats and even shaking it off in the privacy of their own living rooms. Everybody loves a dance party and Zumba Fitness comes in with a way to “party yourself in to shape”.

Zumba is simply the best: you’re having so much fun you don’t even realize it’s exercise!

In case you have missed the social media and popularity boom, Zumba is a dance fitness program that is Latin-inspired. At least 70% of the music that you will hear in a Zumba class is international rhythms and fusions that incorporate different dance styles, from Merengue to Flamenco to Rock n’ Roll to Hip Hop, there is something for every music taste. Zumba’s motto is “Ditch the workout – Join the Party!” because it always feels like a party. You quickly get rid of the insecurities that may tell you that you are not a dancer and start moving along with the instructor. Doesn’t matter if the teacher goes left and you go right, you are feeling the music and that is what is important.

 Zumba is an effective form of exercise!

Also, just because Zumba is fun doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. It is an “interval-style, full body workout” according to ACE (American Council on Exercise – Sept. 2012). There is a lot of information about how Zumba Fitness is effective and how it counts towards aerobic activity, and how it can burn from 400 to 600 calories an hour depending on your intensity, but I find that all of that knowledge pretty much goes out the window as soon as the music starts. All I know is that I am enjoying myself in a no-judgmental environment and, for 60 minutes, I feel like ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

 Zumba brings people together with rhythm!

The class is designed to bring people together, everybody and every body! If you can shake it and want to have fun, this is the class for you! Most classes are 60 minutes long and the instructor will begin with a warm up and end with a cool down and some dynamic and/or static stretching. It’s not a regular old aerobics class, each song is a different rhythm with a different dance routine so no class is equal to the other, specially if you try different instructors since they all add their own style to the moves. The best part? The moves are easy to learn! And they can repeat in different songs so the more you come to class the faster you will get the hang of it.

Find Zumba on Commercial Drive!

Because Zumba is so popular there is a chance that you will find a class near you. With over 18 million (that’s right, MILLION!) instructors in 125 countries around the world you are bound to find an instructor that you like in your neighbourhood.

Do you want to try it on the Drive? I will be teaching a class at Empower Health on the last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm for only $5.

Everyone is welcome! Just grab a friend, bring comfy clothes and shoes, a towel and a water bottle and get ready to party yourself in to shape!

Silvia Circle Face Photo  Silvia Hernandez has been a certified Group Fitness Leader and Aqua Fitness Leader for over 6 years through BCRPA and recognized through the National Fitness Leaders Alliance (NFLA), she’s also a certified Personal Trainer as well as licensed and certified with several other group fitness specialties to get you moving and shaking to the beat. Her mission is to add and maintain fitness in people’s lives via dance inspired workouts plus fun, yet challenging, functional, and effective training.