A synergistic approach combining intravenous nutrient support with relaxing music and guided meditation.

Music with your Nutrient IV! Saturdays Dec 17th, from 2-4pm. This will be a holiday themed event! We are doing Complimentary IV intakes for New Patients and having Music Therapy during your IV. All of this for the cost of a regular IV therapy session!  Space is limited so reserve your spot.

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When you come in for your IV session, you’ll first receive a quick check in with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to screen you for health risks before your IV treatment. They will assess you and prescribe with either an immune boosting or stress busting IV. It takes about 45mins to 1h for the IV to be administered once you’re set up, so allow yourself 1.5h total time for the treatment.

While you are waiting and once you are comfortable, we’ll dim the lights and use music and spoken word for a powerfully integrating experience of deep relaxation.

Music therapy is pleasurable, rejuvenating and healing.

Relaxation allows the body the deep rest that promotes healing on all levels. IV nutrients supply the raw ingredients your body needs to heal itself.

IV Therapy infuses medicinal doses of essential nutrients – like vitamins, amino acids and minerals – directly into the bloodstream.

It is a revolutionary approach to whole health. It gives higher doses than we can obtain through whole foods or supplements.

For optimal benefits you should come once a week, for three weeks. Health maintenance IV’s can then be done once a month.

Call to Book: 604-336-2844